Jul 30, 2008

She's 8 months old!

She's 8 months old! Hooray! And she's teething...Not so Hooray.
Unfortunately, we thought we were in the clear since she didn't even flinch when the bottom two came in. Not so with the top. She's been quite crabby lately, messed up sleeping patterns, and just weird. Poor thing, I can only imagine the discomfort.

I have come down with a slight cold (thanks to Mando) and I'm so worried about Sofie catching this at the same time with the teething...not fun. I just hope that if it does happen, it will be next week while I'm still on vacation.

Yes, you read right. I must head back to work for another "exciting" year at JIS. Looking forward to seeing the kids, not the parents. That's all I'm going to say.

But onto the good stuff... some random pics taken the week she turned 8 months old :)

Jul 7, 2008


From left to right: Meli, Ale, Steph, Lucas, Jen, Sofia V., Me, Mon, Adri, Claudia and Sofia M.

I finally got around to updating you all on some very special milestones! Sofia got her first tooth!!! Yes, a lot sooner than everyone expected, but on June 23rd, both mommy and grandpa noticed a white shadow and noticed her bottom right tooth is coming out :)

Also, Sofia has learned to vocalize "mamamama" and finally directed it to mommy!! So happy :) On top of everything, about three days ago, she bolted from one side of her playpen to the other, making her first steps by herself, unassisted! So much in one month!!

We recently had so much fun at Monica's house, where we visited with all the "knottie aunties" and especially with Sofia Marie and Lucas! Everyone really enjoyed watching them romp around, crawl, laugh, play, etc. We have so many pics...I'm only able to show a few...Enjoy!

Sofia Marie sitting on Sofia

The kids playing around in Monica's living room...

Sofia M's such a cutie!

It's the Lucas Sandwich, take two.

We also spent Sofia's first 4th of July at Madrina's and Tia's house, where she had her first dip in the pool! Needless to say, she had so much fun, I don't think she wanted to come out :)

4th of July- with Mommy!

With abuelo...