Feb 22, 2008

Sofia turns 3 months old!

So many changes every day!
These pics were taken yesterday. We're actually very excited since tomorrow is Sofia's baptism, an event about 2 months in the making. We can't wait to see everyone who loves Sofia to come and see her be welcomed into the Christian family. We're expecting close to 60 people in my parents' backyard! The only thing I'm really worried about is the above average temps they're saying we're going to have tomorrow! I don't want my guests to melt. We secured good shade, and we have a ceiling fan, but who knows...It really ticks me off because February is supposed to be cooler not hotter....ugh. I'm sure it will all work out.

Feb 20, 2008

Sofia Rolls over!

I took this little movie clip about two days ago...She actually started accidentally rolling over a couple weeks ago, but this day, she totally rocked on her own about twice before I took this clip...I'm so proud of her. She holds her head up like a pro, and is ALWAYS on the move...

Feb 15, 2008

Will you be my Valentine?

I had to...Just had to....We saw this really cute Valentine onesie and pants that I just HAD to get Sofia...We spent the BEAUTIFUL day that it was shopping, where I picked out Sofie's hat and booties for her upcoming baptism. Here the pics from today :)

Feb 12, 2008

Week 11 pics!

Sofia has so many faces, we try to capture them all. This week's milestone? She pushed herself up and is holding her head up a lot! She's also discovering her hands and starting to hit her toys to get her little musical star going...

Feb 10, 2008

Ceci & Ivon's "Doble Quince" & 9/10 weeks pics of Sofie

We were invited to Ceci & Ivon's 80's themed 30th birthday party, and it was a whole lot of fun dressing up in the crazy trends from the 1980's. We took Sofie along, and she also joined in the dressing up fun (outfit was Mando's choice)...I leave you with some pics from the party and some pics Mando and I took of her around the house the last couple of weeks :)

With Scarlett

Mando as the 80's Metal-head

My 80's look...

Taking after her dad...

She's a cow"girl" in training ;)

9 & 10-week pictures!

Look at those eyes!

She inherited her mother's "death stare" LOL

You talkin' to me??

Feb 2, 2008

More pics and our visit to the Seaquarium

Ok, so I know visiting the Miami Seaquarium is a little cheesy, but to my defense I don't remember ever going. So when Mando said he wanted to go out of the blue, it was such a beautiful day I said why not.
I leave you with pics from the day and a few of her 9-week pics too! Have fun!

In my first dress!

Daddy, you're weird!

I look like Daddy here!

Watching Lolita the Whale!

Pooped after an exciting day at the Seaquarium.