Nov 25, 2008

Sofia's First Birthday!!

I can hardly believe it. The day and went in a flash, just like the past year. Sofia has come so far, and continues to dazzle us every day with something new. Friday we took the day off and had lunch with her at Swensen's, where the staff sang Happy Birthday to her (video clip soming soon). She enjoyed some vanilla ice cream, and played the rest of the afternoon at home. On Saturday, we had a great time watching her examine her cake, and slowly devour the frosting! She was a total mess at the end of it, but it was so much fun watching her. Madrina and Tia Heather gave her a great toy with moving zoo animals and music...and of course the sugar high that came with eating the frosting kicked in around that time and she was literally the Energizer Bunny for about 45 minutes, before her new-found energy had run its course LOL. Enjoy the pictures!

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